Home Appliance Tattoos

Why Not A Microwave?

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo as a home appliance? Well I haven’t and I didn’t think anyone else would even think about getting one. That’s until I visited the Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo last weekend at Sydney Olympic Park. It was my first time visiting Sydney and I had a very great time.

I’m a tattoo artist and for the 9 years that I’ve been in the field, no one has ever asked for me to tattoo a refrigerator or a microwave. I went with a friend to the Expo and she asked for the weirdest tattoo. She wanted a vacuum cleaner. She wanted to tattoo something related to her mom and she thought that a vacuum cleaner would most suit her.

Appliance Tattoos

So I dug a little deeper to see if my friend was the only with this type of request. And it turns out that she’s not the only one. There are lots of people out there who love home appliances as tattoos. I collected some pictures below for some inspiration. Who knows maybe you will get inspired!

blender tattoo

Source: Ugliest Tattoos

vacuum tattoo

Source: Ugliest Tattoos

toaster tattoo

Source: Ugliest Tattoos

washing machine tattoo

Source: Ugliest Tattoos

New Branding Designs

After the feedback I received I decided to start a new product line of home appliance tattoos for my customers. They actually love it! So I contacted some home appliance companies out there for a bit of inspiration. I contacted Sentinel Appliance Repair and went to visit them just to get a feel of how much home appliance really mean to us. Sentinel Appliance Repair is a business that is owned and operated from San Antonio TX. They have trained experts that are extremely qualified in their field and are interested in providing only the best customer experience to anyone in need of appliance repair. They can service your refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher and lots of other machines. Click here to visit their website.

I was indeed inspired to start a retro appliance line of specialty tattoos. I’ve received lots of good feedback from my clients. My question to you: would you even think about getting a home appliance tattoo? And if so, what home appliance will you most probably get tattooed?